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Our Name Says "Quick" But Our Service Makes Us Your #1 Choice For A Safe, Professional & Afordable Towing Company In Redding. Call For 24/7 Towing Service and Roadside Assistance.

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Who We Are & What We Do?

Who We Are?

Quick Service towing in Redding, CA we know how stressed you already are and from the moment you speak to one of our knowledgeable staff we want to relieve your stress!

We offer a 24/7 towing service in Redding and many other areas locally. It’s not just us we offer service from a few Certified Safe towing companies. This allows us to be where you need us to be in the fastest time possible. We offer services for light vehicles (Cars, Pickups, Suvs, Even Small Bobtail or Box-Trucks) We also tow up to and are CTTA certified for level 6 heavy haul for full service semi hauling. This includes but is not limited to: (Bobtail Tractor, Trailer Only and Any Sort Of Combo. We also have access to Beaver Tail Wench Equipment Trailers For Wenching Busses Motor-homes and a whole slew of Commercial Equipment and small trucks. Our operators are familiar with Flat Towing, if the need arises.

We abide by all safety standards, local and state laws. All of our operators are courteous and really care about you and your equipment. We try our very best to treat your car or truck like our own. In addition to our equipment and talented staff we have working contracts for immediate service with any sort of need you may have. All of our operators have been vetted and certified for the equipment they operate. The equipment itself undergoes inspection by Department of Transportation. This makes for the safest, most efficient service for you our customer.

Specific Services We Offer
  • Heavy Duty Towing
  • Medium Duty Towing
  • Light Duty Towing
  • Flat Bed Tow Trucks
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Long Distance Towing
  • Private Property Towing
  • Off Road Recovery
  • Winching
  • Dead Car Battery Replacement
  • Car Recovery
  • Tire Change & Repair
  • Motorcycle Towing
  • Junk Removal

Local, Saftey Certified Tow Truck Operators

Local Certified operators

We handle AAA, Highway Patrol Call-Outs and Many Other Local Agencies.

We try our very best to offer competitive prices but many factors play into price and response time. These factors include: The time of day, ( If everyone is on the road it cuts into response time) If it's foggy or we happen to have snow on the ground our response time pretty much doubles...If the vehicle is on the pavement and it's an "easy" tow it will cost less. It basically depends on what needs to be done but we are very competitive!

We realize that your vehicle is important and in many cases a direct extension of you! For this reason we vet our operators and make sure that they treat your vehicle like their own!

With Quick Service Towing Company we provide the most professional service in the following areas.


In addition to our light & heavy duty roadside service, in most cities and locations including but not limited to: (Redding, Cottonwood, Anderson, Shasta Lake, Palo Cedro, Bella Vista, Jones Valley, Mt. Gate and LakeHead) we also can provide impound services on private and public property as well as junk car removal. We offer heavy truck wrecker or flatbed tow trucks.
(Call For Coverage)!! (530)723-1964

We follow stringent guidelines and vehicle codes of the state, counties & cities we operate in to ensure an exceptional private property towing and impound. You may also contact us to if you need towing signs, 24/7 courtesy patrols, or other private parking towing service.
(Call For Coverage)

With a beast of a truck and some of the best guys to control the equipment, we'll make the job smooth sailing. If you're curious if we can help you with an odd job or move shipping containers, just give us a call and we can help you find a solution at (530)723-1964


Having a dead battery is the worst! If you can find someone to give you a jumpstart (almost never happens) But best case scenario you actually find someone. It's a pain to get both cars connected or the jumpers aren't long enough! Or maybe the car is facing inward and there is no parking next to the dead car! We can ease that stress and get you back on the road as quick as possible! Give us a call & we'll be right out!

We take pride in the quality of our work, and we assure you the highest standards of professionalism and care when handling your vehicle. Leaving you at ease when you're in need of a car breakdown recovery service, vehicle transportation, and more. We want to provide you the most professional you can find and we hold our name on that. For towing or roadside, we cover all of the county and can provide you a quick dispatch of help in the following towns:


Our tow operators are made up of highly professional, educated, and prompt . They've been trained in the county laws in Redding. We are not predatory drivers, we work with companies who manage parking lots and dispatch us when a car is in need of impound.

We've provided a link to the web-page that outlines the towing guidelines of the city if you'd like to review it yourself. We also follow other Redding towing rules that may come into play when we must tow a vehicle. If there happens to be a local tow truck nearby when we get a call from an H.O.A or Apartment home manager, then we will dispatch that vehicle to take you car. To get your car back, call the non-emergency RPD number.


Find heavy duty towing, or get assistance with semi truck towing, box truck or RV towing. We can provide the heavy duty tow truck needed for heavy equipment and objects that weigh upwards of 10,000 lbs+ or more. Our local heavy duty towing services have the capacity to transport just about anything on or off the road. Whether that 10 miles or 100 miles, our long distance car towing service are ready to assist.


Need a car towed right away. Here at Quick Service Towing Company in Redding, CA we have multiple drivers with class A CDL licenses available for your "Larger Than Normal" calls. We will send you our closest tow certified driver to cut down on your wait time! Need you have a large vehicle towed or winched, our employees are sure to give you a hand. , you'll never need to find a driver who knows his stuff ever again.


Car broke down or tires popped on the car ride home? Our roadside assistance dispatch offers 24 hour flat tire service and repair. With ​Also offering semi-truck tire repair for semi-trucks and other heavy duty equipment.


If you've run off the road or you're stuck in the mud, stuck in a pot hole or just stuck "Between A Rock & Hard Spot"..Give us a call, we can definately help. Our equipment has winches with up to 20,000 pound capability. Not only does our equipment handle the largest vehicles, but our operators are California Tow Truck Association (CTTA) certified and know exactly how to accomidate just about every situation. This includes but Is not limited to semis (both tractor & trailer) buses, RV's, any sort of box or industry spacific vehicles. If one 20,000 pound winch won't work we have double winch wreckers that can get the job done.

Locations We Serve

Redding, CA

Anderson, CA

Shasta Lake, CA

Cottonwood, CA

Summit City, CA

Project City, CA

Mountain Gate, CA

Red Bluff, CA

Lakehead, CA

Los Molinos, CA

Pollard Flatt, CA

Orland, CA

Dunsmuir, CA

Bella Vista, CA

Mt. Shasta, CA

Manton, CA

Weed, CA

Burney, CA

Yreka, CA

Palo Cedro, CA

Weaverville, CA

Old Shasta, CA

Bella Vista, CA

French Gulch, CA

Shingle Town, CA

Centerville, CA

Quick Service Towing Company
3847 Pebble DR.
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 723-1964

*THIS A IS DISPATCH ONLY ADDRESS*…. We DO NOT service customers or impound vehicles onsite. We dispatch trucks to your location to serve you. For more information, please contact us at NorCalTrades@Gmail.com


In Redding CA there is a towing company that is not only cheap and and near me but the fees for the quality service are at the best rates. The view of the reviews on the website say that out of all the tow yards and tow truck companies this is the one that will fit your budget. The website has a map that shows the service as far as Oregon all the way to Weaverville California. In addition the website also post the hours.